The National Government Good Governance Tour of South East Geo-Political Zone: Eye-Opener

However, the road map to achieving dividends of democracy in the 5 eastern states differs from state to state as follows:

  • In Imo state, the government of Rochas Okorocha is placing emphasizes on education and acquisition of skill for self employment. Governor Okorocha has demonstrated this through free-education policy he has implemented in Imo state.
  • In Ebonyi state, Governor Martin Elechi is placing attention on infrastructural development and attitudinal change. Thus far, he has built 34 unity bridges, and has on going  projects like Ochudo Secretariat Complex, and International Market among others.
  • In Enugu state, Governor Sullivan Chime is focusing on extensive road construction and rehabilitation. This has brought Enugu state an attraction of investors.
  • In Anambra state, Governor Peter Obi has an eye on achieving the millennium development goal through grass-root oriented programs aimed at eradicating poverty.
  • In Abia state, Governor Theodore Orji is giving maximum attention to provision of adequate security.

However the South East Political Zone is faced with deep-seated feeling of being marginalized polemical as other zone have 6 or 7 states to their advantage, while the zone have 5. There are also the problems of unemployment, waist management and disposal challenge; and, inadequate and reliable electrical power supply that poses a crippling challenge to both industrial and commercial growth within the region.

Good Governance Tour – Where Do We Stand?

To assess the performance of Governors of the 36 State of African largest country Nigeria and the 774 metropolitan Councils (Local Government Areas) the National Executive Council has initiated a media Tour across the Nation.

The leader of the team Labaran Maku, who is the Nigerian Minister of Information says the action is not to rate the Governors but rather will serve as inspiration to the governing officials to deliver their promises to the people who elected them.

So far, a total of 11 States have been visited in the North Central by the Council, and their team is currently visiting the South East Zones.

However the opposition politicians in Nigeria have already began their criticism of the tour which they described as a jamboree.

President Jonathan Compares Nigerian’s Unrest to that of Ongoing Tumoil in the Middle Eastern Country, Syria

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has recently compared the attacks by an insurging radical extremist, Boko Haram to the ongoing civil war in Syria. Although Syria has far more victims and death tolls, but the President comments as perceived by many signalled a worrisome leader who is unable to stop the insurging attacks to its people which claimed the lives of about 800 Nigerians in 2012. However, Jonathan had maintained that his government is working unceasingly prevent more attacks.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the president has used a dire comparison when referencing Boko Haram. In January of 2012, President Jonathan then stated that the threat of Boko Haram was worse than Nigerian’s civil war of 1960s.

The U.S President, Barack Obama has signed the bill granting permanent residency to a Nigerian scholar

The United State President, Barack Obama has signed the bill recently passed by the U.S Congress which granted a Nigerian scholar in the United State a permanent residency. Victor Chukwueke left Nigerian  to United State at the age of fifteen in 2001 secondary to a genetic disorder that caused him to have facial life threatening tumors.

Due to the severe deformation on his face, Chukwueke was treated as an outcast and was abandoned at an orphanage in his early age. Later the Nuns from the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy secured and cared for him; and eventually arranged for him to undergo surgery in Michigan, United States.

Mr. Chukwueke, now 26 has undergone several surgeries; yet he did not allow his ailment to determine his life rather he is riding on. He has already graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Wayne State University and is preparing to pursue a career as a medical doctor. He is currently admitted to the medical school at the University of Toledo in Ohio, United States, and a program that requires a U.S permanent residency.

This move by the Congress and the President of the United States means the sky is the limit to what this young man can achieve.

United States to partner with Imo State to Generate Power Using Gas Deposits


The Governor of Imo State, His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha has announced that he is entering into partnership agreement with the United States to utizilize the abundant natural resources, gas deposits  in the state to power generation.

Okorocha  had met with the former president Jimmy Carter,  U.S law makers, and some top officals of the current administration during his visit to the United in September, 2012 for the proposed partnership.

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