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The United State President, Barack Obama has signed the bill recently passed by the U.S Congress which granted a Nigerian scholar in the United State a permanent residency. Victor Chukwueke left Nigerian  to United State at the age of fifteen in 2001 secondary to a genetic disorder that caused him to have facial life threatening tumors.

Due to the severe deformation on his face, Chukwueke was treated as an outcast and was abandoned at an orphanage in his early age. Later the Nuns from the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy secured and cared for him; and eventually arranged for him to undergo surgery in Michigan, United States.

Mr. Chukwueke, now 26 has undergone several surgeries; yet he did not allow his ailment to determine his life rather he is riding on. He has already graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Wayne State University and is preparing to pursue a career as a medical doctor. He is currently admitted to the medical school at the University of Toledo in Ohio, United States, and a program that requires a U.S permanent residency.

This move by the Congress and the President of the United States means the sky is the limit to what this young man can achieve.

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